Per gm contains
 Triclorfon BP 20 gm

 Trichlorfon is an organophosphate insecticide used to control cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas, cattle grubs, flies, ticks, leafminers and leaf-hoppers.
 It is also used for treating domestic animals for control of internal parasites.

Dosage and Administration:
• Appiled 5 gm Negovet powder with oil or vasline to infection area 2 times daily for 3-5 days.
• To control tick, flies, bedbugs etc., spray 2 gm powder with 1 liter water and repeat after 21 days.

• Do not feed animal for a certain time before and after applied Negovet.
• During applying Negovet, Cover animal mouth. (Negovet is poisonous).

Storage Conditions:
 Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.
 Do not freeze
 Once open sachet, use as soon as possible.
 Keep all medicines out of reach of Children.

 Sachet of 20gmx10 & 10gmx10.