Nitrovet Injection

Per ml contains
 Nitroxynil BP 250 mg

 Nitrovet is effective adult flukes and at a higher dosage immature flukes and also Haemonchus in cattle and sheep Cattle:Oesophagostomum and Bunostomum Sheep : Nasal bots Ruminants : Some Gastrointestinal Round worms.

 Infections caused by micro-organisms susceptible to tylosin, like e.g. Respiratory tract infections in cattle, sheep and pigs. Dysentery and arthritis caused by Mycoplasmas, mastitis and endometritis.

Dosage and Administration:
 Cattle & Sheep: By subcutaneous injection 1 ml for 25 kg body weight.
 Acute fascioliosis by subcutaneous route upto 1 ml for 16.5 kg body weight.
 Dairy Cattle should be treated at least 15 days before calving.

Side Effects:
 Solution may stain wool if accidental spilage occurs, transient swelling at injection site in cattle.

Withdrawal Times:
 For meat: 30 days.

Storage Conditions:
 Store below 25˚C
 Do not freeze

 Vial of 10 ml and 50 ml.