Per Bolus contains
 Oxytetracycline BP 1.0 gm

 Livet is a broad spectrum antibiotic with bacteriostatic activity against a large number of gram-positive and gram negative organisms. Activity against Pseudomonas-, Proteus- and Klebsiella spp is low. The bacteriostatic effect is based on the inhibition of the synthesis of bacterial proteins.

 Infectious disease caused by micro-organisms susceptible to Oxytetracycline, like respiratory infections gastro-enteritis, metritis, mastitis, salmonellosis, dysentery, foot rot, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, mycoplasmosis, CRD, bleucomb shipping fever and liverabscesses.

 Hypersensitivity to tetracycline; serious liver or kidney insufficiencies.

Dosage and Administration:
For Treatment
Cow and Buffalo: 2-4 bolus for 50-100 kg body weight daily.
Goat & Sheep: ¾ - 1 bolus for 10-20 kg body weight daily.
Horse: 1 bolus for 75 kg body weight daily.
For Sexual Disease: Daily Dosage
Cow and Buffalo: 1-2 bolus have to enter ovary.
Goat and Sheep: ½ bolus have to enter ovary.
Dog and Cat: ½ bolus have to enter ovary.
For Increase Production
Cow and Buffalo: for milk and meat production increase, regularly 1/14 Livet bolus have to feed.
For Poultry
General Dosage: 1 bolus with 10-20 kg feed or 1 bolus in 7.50 liter water
Dosage for Disease: 2 bolus with 10-20 kg feed or 1 bolus in 3.75 liter water.
For Fish
General Dosage: 1/14 bolus for 1 kg body weight for 5-10 days

 Do not combine with Penicillins or Cephalosporines.
 Oxytetracycline should not be administered concurrently with other potentially hepatotoxic drugs.

Side Effects:
 Hypersensitivity reactions, local tissue reactions after intramuscular injection in horses or foals.

Withdrawal Times:
 For Meat 14 days
 For milk 4 days

Storage Conditions:
 Store below 25˚C
 Do not freeze

 4x5’s bolus in a Box.